Above Ground Pool Warranty Information


The following information applies to the Vogue pools we are currently selling and the Garden Leisure pools we have sold in the past.

This information is being provided directly from the website of Wilbar International, the pool manufacturer. Since the warranties do vary depending on the pool purchased, it is recommended that you refer to the warranty which came with your pool at the time of purchase to verify what is covered.

At the time of installation or during the first season, if an item appears defective, it must be returned to your dealer for inspection. If deemed necessary, the dealer will replace the defective item free of charge in accordance with manufacturer warranty.

As stipulated on the warranty contract, starting the second season through the end of the warranty coverage, if an item is defective you should contact the manufacturer and fill a warranty claim.

To fill your warranty claim, consult the internet website www.mypoolwarranty.com.

The following materials and / or information are required in order to open and process a warranty claim :

All contact information including name, return address, daytime telephone number and email address.

Customers are asked to send color photographs clearly showing the area of concern of the pool. Usually four to six photos are sufficient.

– Both wide and close up shots of pool damaged area

– At least one photograph of the complete pool so that the ground preparation can be viewed

– One photograph of the liner (the liner pattern must be viewed)

– One photograph of the wall joint

(from the outside of the pool – the skimmer and water return must be viewed)


A description of customer’s concerns including the description of the replacement parts required.

All warranty claims are handled in priority sequence but please allow delay of 4 to 6 weeks in high season for getting feedback from our Customer Service department. A letter or email will be written and forwarded outlining our disposition and the necessary steps to complete the warranty process. Warranty claim will be processed only if all required documentation is provided.