General Pool FAQ’s


Why are the eyeballs (jets) different sizes?

The eyeballs differ in size to produce various pressures. The ¾” eyeball will produce more pressure from the nozzle than the 1” eyeball, however, it does not move as much water. The larger the opening, the more water will flow.
Note: The smaller the eyeball the harder the pump will have to work and the harder the pump has to work, the shorter its life.


Can I change the pool light bulb myself and how do I change it?

We recommend having someone experienced with changing the light bulb change it for you, however many homeowners are able to change the light bulb themselves. Please remember that this is an electrical product in water and every precaution should be taken. The 2 most important things to remember, if you decide to change the light bulb are to turn off all power to the pool before you start and make sure you put the light back together properly. You may visit the Hayward website here for directions on changing the light bulb.


Why are there air bubbles flowing into the pool from my return fittings (jets)?

If air is returning into the pool there might be a leak on the suction side of the pump. Check the following items that maybe causing air to enter the system: You may need to have service technician check the system if all of these items are okay.

The strainer cover and O-ring. Tighten if loose or replace gasket if damaged.
Level of water in the pool is low causing water and air to mix into the skimmer..
The skimmer weir may be stuck in the up position causing water and air to mix in the skimmer.
Check the drain plugs on the pump strainer housing.
Check all of the threaded fittings for leaks from improper sealants or sealing procedures.
Check glued fittings for bad glue joints.
Check all valves for possible leaks. Valve stem O-rings are a common suction leak point.
Check and ensure the pump is not cavitating.
Check the pump housing for cracks.