Renovation Projects – Before & After

Canton, GA – Vinyl Liner

The renovation depicted below started as a simple vinyl liner replacement. Once the owners saw some of our work on other new pool installations they opted to upgrade the pool including the following new additions.
Paver decking
Multi level elevations
Stone walls seperating the multiple elevations
Change brick around spa and fireplace to stone
Stone fire pit
Natural Slide
Splash Pad
Stone steps betweeen elevations



This is the pool before the renovations were started.


This is the pool during the renovations while we started creating the elevation changes.


Pool after renovations are complete.


Pool after renovations are complete.

Canton, GA – Vinyl Liner

The renovation depicted below was a complete restoration of a 10 year old vinyl liner pool. The owner replaced the liner, added paver decking and new automatic cover. They also changed the fiberglass steps for new wedding cake liner steps, including a beautiful mosaic tile at the step entry point.


This picture was taken after the fiberglass steps were removed and the new steel panel was installed.


This picture was taken from the same vantage point. Notice how we were able to use the pavers to hide the cover track.


After the renovations were complete, showing the automatic cover partially open.


After the renovations were complete. Automatic cover is completely open. Notice the mosaic tiles above the steps.